The most powerful UI for your injectors.

Fully fledged code editor, multiple injectors, gorgeous interface and best-in-class script hub.
50,000+ downloads and counting.

Help! I can't open it because you're an unverified publisher!

You can fix this by pressing Control, and then opening Jellyfish, and then pressing open.

Where do I put the scripts?

In the "Jellyfish" folder in your documents folder. Make sure the file names in ".lua"

It's not injecting!

Try going to the Tools tab and then toggling Alternative Injection. (if you have Alternative Injection enabled, and don't see a popup window, look in your Dock for a black box with a >_ on it)

It's crashing my game!

Check if your injector is fully updated, and then try using the regular UI to inject once. Sometimes Jellyfish can't update properly.

Can I theme Jellyfish?

Short answer: Yes. There's a colour option in the tools tab.
Long answer: Yes! We have a full API for those knowledgable in HTML, CSS & JS to make their own completely customised UIs for Jellyfish.

made by theLMGN in 2020.

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After 2 years, Jellyfish (for macOS) has been discontinued. Thank you to everyone who used it for all your previous support. --theLMGN

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